Disability Service Standards

Cerebral Palsy Tasmania is committed to maintaining the 12 Disability Service Standards for supported employees at our various sites. 

Standard 1 - Service Access
                    Each person with a disability who is seeking a service has access
                    to a service on the basis of relative need and available resources.                 

Standard 2 - Individual Needs
                    Each person with a disability receives a service that is designed to
                    meet, in the least restrictive way, his or her individual needs and
                    personal goals.  

Standard 3 - Decision Making and Choice
                    Each person with a disability has the opportunity to participate as
                    fully as possible in making decisions about the events and activities
                    of his or her daily life in relation to the service he or she receives.

Standard 4 - Privacy, Dignity and Confidentiality
                    Each service recipient's right to privacy, dignity and confidentiality in
                    all aspects of his or her life is recognised and respected. 

Standard 5 - Participation and Integration
                    Each person with a disability is supported and encouraged to
                    participate and be involved in the community. 

Standard 6 - Valued Status
                    Each person with a disability has the opportunity to develop and
                    maintain skills and to participate in activities that enable him or her
                    to achieve valued roles in the community.

Standard 7 - Complaints and Disputes
                    Each service recipient is encouraged to raise, and have resolved
                    without fear of retribution, any complaints or disputes he or she may
                    have regarding the service provider or the service. 

Standard 8 - Service Management
                    Each service provider adopts quality management systems and
                    practices that optimise outcomes for service recipients.

Standard 9 - Employment Conditions
                    Each person with a disability enjoys working conditions comparable
                    to those of the general workforce. 

Standard 10 - Service Recipient Training and Support
                    The employment opportunities of each person with a disability are
                    optimised by effective and relevant training and support.

Standard 11 - Staff Recruitment, Employment and Training
                    Each person employed to deliver services to a person with a disability
                    has relevant skills and competencies. 

Standard 12 - Protection of Human Rights and Freedom from Abuse
                    The service provider acts to prevent abuse and neglect and to uphold
                    the legal and human rights of service recipients.

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